Wedding Location

Capacity: maximum of 240 people

TOBACCO is an official wedding location in Amsterdam where lovers can give their YES word for better or worse. It’s almost Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet love tragedy about the impossible love of two young men from each other’s hostile families. A romantic story in which love and romance splash through the walls of TOBACCO as a wedding location.

our roomsTheateropstelling

TOBACCO has ten different halls with the theater hall as the highlight and love eye-catcher. The hall has an eight-meter sturdy and romantic room in which the wedding ceremony can take place. With the presence of 240 people, the love couple can be admired on stage with full joy. A registry office officer will marry the loving couple officially. Lighting, atmosphere, live music, performances are parts that come into their own in TOBACCO from the cultural background. After the official YES word, we can move to the different rooms to congratulate the bridal couple. The guests enjoy the first snacks served by our kitchen team led by Michelin chef Dennis Huwaë.

And then image that it is a white snow world outside and that the canals are frozen… you can celebrate a romantic winter wedding inside that no summer wedding can compete with. An advantage is that your guests are always available during the winter months. Getting married in the winter therefore not only has the advantage that it creates a romantic atmosphere, but also that your guest list hardly has any cancellations.

And let’s face it, who can say that he or she has been married in a theater? Nobody right? How unique are you, and how special is a theater where you start the love life forever? And the party? That can start after the walking dinner with a great band or DJ on stage. Or do you prefer a very extensive 5-course dinner at round tables from our Michelin chef?

After dinner, it is possible to organize a party in the theater hall. Besides that, you can continue the party with us, directly across the street, in an Art-Deco club setting where you will miss out on nothing. Are we getting married during the winter months and make it an unforgettable winter wedding? It will certainly not be up to us, as an official wedding location in Amsterdam.

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