TOBACCO – Livestream Studios Amsterdam – has two fully equipped hybrid livestream studios and eight styling studios. Here, on the fastest network in the Netherlands (998 Mbit), virtual viewers and the physically present public meet interactively.

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Tobacco in 8 minutes

Our rooms

“An impressive theater and event location in the cultural main street of Amsterdam. Industrial, fresh, romantic, cool and the love for detail and history splashes from the eight meter high walls! ”

Ten idiosyncratic halls have together formed the proud stage of powerful commercial events and beautiful cultural performances for years.

The Grand Theatre Hall

450 persons200m2

Balcony & Lodge

60 persons45m2

The Boiler Room

10 persons15m2

The Foyer

50 persons40m2

The Studio

100 persons75m2

The Library

30 persons25m2

The Bank’s Secret

50 persons40m2

Red & Black Danger

40 persons36m2

The Wine Cellars

50 persons50m2

Chef’s Table

30 persons25m2

The Kitchen


Other Spaces

Number of persons and surface variable