About us

We are TOBACCO and we dare to do business both culturally and commercially!

We are an inspiring and industrial location located in the most famous theater street of Amsterdam, the Nes.
A historic place where culture and commerce will meet and strengthen each other from 2010 onwards.
TOBACCO is a non-subsidized theater (read: we are nice and stubborn) that gives free space to cultural activities with a taste for music and inspiring performances. And yes, it costs money. We sincerely believe that this cultural investment commercially interacts with the success of business activities in our location.

TOBACCO has no fixed program. We want to offer a free stage to spontaneous and unique initiatives. As a result, we can often add performances to our program last minute. As a result, there is plenty of room on the Nes 75 to express and experience chained, dissolute and unfulfillable creativity, especially in the short term.
We are quite proud of it!

 Check out our: Location Book, Magazine, TOBACCO Spots or the digital 360 tour!

Nina Pedroli

Commercial director
Nina Pedroli

Jasper van den Berg

Jasper van den Berg

Lukas Siebinga

Cultural Manager
Naomi Schermer

Chef de Cuisine
Dennis Huwaë

Erik van Wilsum

Erik van Wilsum

Romy van Hagen

Event Manager
Laura Meijer

Ruben Cramer Hoofd Techniek

Head of AV
Ruben Cramer