Product presentation location

Product Presentation

The combination of Amsterdam, theater, culture, style and commercial content of a product presentation has proven itself in the recent years as a great success at TOBACCO as the cultural and inspiring location for product presentations. This makes us one of the most frequently booked locations for product presentations in Amsterdam. We ourselves think that this is due to the appearance of our location and further inspired by the cultural and business character of our building. All this together makes it attractive, especially for an international product presentation.


Emotion is an important factor in a product presentation and ensures that the audience gains appreciation and empathy for the product. The setting in which this is presented and in which the audience is located is essential for the success of a product presentation. As a theater, we know better than anyone how to stir the audience and that by often applying a few simple theater secrets with light, setting and sound.

The audience is surprised by the location, the products get extra flow and the flexible attitude of our team makes every product presentation in our location an exclusive experience. Because of this, companies such as Netflix, L’Oreal, Ben & Jerry’s, Yves Saint Laurent and Philips have been involved several times. Many compliments about our unique location in the heart of Amsterdam have returned. 

our experienced team

At TOBACCO we have a very experienced team that has been providing product presentations for years. Within our location, it is possible that guests can be present both online and hybrid. After the Livestream, while enjoying a fantastic three or five-course dinner, you can toast the success of the product presentation. Our own, Michelin-starred, chef Dennis Huwaë is happy to spoil you with his signature dinner from our own spacious kitchen.

We are very proud of TOBACCO and the positive feedback we receive, but we are far from finished with our own location product!

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