Meeting location Amsterdam



  • U-setting maximum of 75 people
  • Cabaret maximum of 100 people
  • Classroom maximum 120 people

InU vorm opstelling our multifunctional building, there are many possibilities for meetings. From an intimate to a large-scale meeting. Meetings in TOBACCO is an inspiring party. What are you looking for when you are looking for a meeting location? And where do you go in the Netherlands if you are going to invite your fellow meeting companions centrally and with cachet? It is precisely then that you go to a meeting location in the visiting picture of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. Moreover, it is always nice if the meeting location radiates an inspiring environment upon arrival. We dare to promise that this will certainly happen when your guests arrive. A meeting that takes your breath away.

A little bit more

In addition to being a unique meeting location, TOBACCO is also an inspiring location where highly creative Cabaret opstellingperformances and performances are organized throughout the year. The atmosphere of applause and artistic freedom seeps through all the roughly plastered walls of our unique meeting location here in Amsterdam.

That often gives the meeting that little push it often needs. This in order to arrive at an inspiring and creative solution to a problem posed. After the meeting, the shutters of the theater roof close, the wine bottles are being opened and you can toast at the bar to a successful meeting in the most inspiring and unique meeting location in Amsterdam! Many of our rooms can be rented exclusively.

Our rooms

In TOBACCO we have nine different break-out rooms close to the 200m2 theater room. All necessary facilities are available to make a meeting a success. With us, you can choose from various meeting packages. The choice is yours. If desired, we can also provide your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks afterwards. We guarantee you an exclusive meeting full of inspiration and a free spirit!

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