An impressive, industrial location in the theatre main street of Amsterdam: the Nes. On this historical spot in the heart of Amsterdam creative history is written.

TOBACCO Theater is a cultural monument where the balance between joie de vivre and commercial success is combined with the flexibility and creativity from our own organisation.

Nine rooms with each their own ambiance and possibilities. From intimate stage art to haute cuisine cooking, from international product presentations to a theatre-style party. That is the Nes, that is TOBACCO Theater!

TOBACCO Theater: an old tobacco auction house for chaotic creatives, commercial superstars and delightful gourmands.

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Grand Theatre Hall (maximum 450 persons, area 200 m²)
Balcony & Lodge (maximum 60 persons, area 45 m²)
Foyer (maximum 50 persons, area 40 m²)
Studio (maximum 100 persons, area 75 m²)
The Bank’s Secret (maximum 50 persons, area 40 m²)
Red & Black Danger (maximum 40 persons, area 36 m²)
Wine Cellars (maximum 50 persons, area 50 m²)
Library (maximum 20 persons, area 25 m²)
Boiling Room (maximum 10 persons, area 15 m²)
Other Spaces
Rooms XL Tobacco Theater

TOBACCO THEATER  -  NES 75/87  -  1012KD AMSTERDAM  -  0031-(0)20-3300670  -  INFO@TOBACCO.NL