TOBACCO has ten different inspiring rooms plus a large catering kitchen where fantastic dishes are created under the direction of ‘patron de cuisine’ Dennis Huwaë.

These ten different and unique spaces are all indirectly connected. From the wine cellars in the catacombs to the library on the first floor, this makes TOBACCO very suitable for events where break-out rooms are also required.

This makes TOBACCO a location where there is a need for commercial gatherings and where there is room for each other.

View the map below to see how the rooms are connected to each other or view the different rooms via our 360° tour. Of course you can also just visit us at Nes 75.

Grand Theatre Hall

450 persons200m2

Boiler Room

10 persons15m2


100 persons75m2

Bank’s Secret

50 persons40m2

Wine Cellars

50 persons50m2



Balcony & Lodge

60 persons45m2


50 persons40m2


20 persons25m2

Red & Black Danger

40 persons36m2

Chef’s Table

30 persons25m2

Other Spaces

Number of persons and surface variable

TOBACCO Theater Map

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