Core Values 

Every group of people who work together has it’s own culture and so do we.
This culture is strongly determined by the norms and values, the history and the manners between the individuals.
The corporate culture can often be captured in characteristic images or phrases at a company.
This is useful information if, for example, you are considering organizing a performance at TOBACCO, renting a room or coming to work with us with your heart and soul.

We have listed our core values:

  • Details, details, details
  • Not a one-night stand but a relationship
  • We do nothing for less
  • Keep your head cool and the heart warm

To convince theaters and theater producers that culture and commerce can go together very well. Visitors will come when it is good. They can smell from a great distance whether it is made with passion. And to convince commercial parties that culture is a wonderful tool to radiate the commercial vision.

Our vision is short but sweet: give theaters the commercial opportunity and freedom to hold their own. We dare to do business!