Rebuilding Nes 75-87 Amsterdam into Tobacco Theater

In 2007 we were proud to become the new owners of the former Cosmic Theater. It used to be an auction house for Sothebys and before that a tobacco auction house. But what we found was worse than we expected…

No pot of paint that was brought into the building was ever used on the walls. Maybe there wasn’t enough funding money to paint the walls, but just the decor?

The result was a really badly maintained building that wasn’t kept up for at least 15 years. Quite a challenge! We were up for the task and were able to realise a beautiful building in the end, without needing funding!

TOBACCO THEATER  -  NES 75/87  -  1012KD AMSTERDAM  -  0031-(0)20-3300670  -  INFO@TOBACCO.NL