The Grand Theatre Hall

An imposing, rich room, built high of robust plaster with a steel bar and balcony. You can feel the fresh, modern, tough and the love for detail in every fiber of your body.

Through the historic shed roofs, a beautiful northern light enters the room. With the option of embezzlement. The room has a unique lighting system, whereby the room can adapt in many guises within seconds.

With a height of 8.5 meters and a floor space of 200 m2, the Grand Theatre Hall is the place for an international congresses, corporate events, striking product presentations and loving performances.

View the impressions of the Grand Theatre Hall here or view the various options per setup in the menu below. A different interpretation is also possible. We would like to be surprised by you!


Hybrid Livestream

Maximum of 40 guests

Physically present audience in the room, the opportunity to be part of the live stream broadcast live. The arrangement of the guests is in accordance with the COVID-19 measures of the RIVM.


1,5 meter

Maximum of 40 guests

As long as the COVID-19 measures of the RIVM continue to relate to the seating arrangements in the theater buildings, we will also dutifully adhere to the 1.5 meter setups as prescribed.

Party / Reception / Walking dinner

Maximum of 450 guests

A free setup without many restrictions. You can come and go wherever you want and if desired, we can organize a number of seating areas and standing tables to place glasses and plates.


Theater setup

Maximum of 350 guests Theateropstelling

In a theater set-up, the seats are placed in straight rows, without tables. This means that all guests have an equal view of the stage and the occupancy of the room is optimally used.



Maximum of 240 guests Diner opstelling

In our dinner setup we often use round tables. Of course a rectangular table arrangement is also possible. Starting from the round tables, we generally assume an arrangement of 8 to 10 chairs around the table.



Maximum of 120 guestsSchoolopstelling

In a classroom setup, five or six chairs are set up at each table. The tables are arranged in rows with sufficient walking space between each table. The participants are all facing the speaker, so everyone has the same view.


Cabaret / Club-setting

Maximum of 100 guests Cabaret opstelling

We place our industrial chairs around the rectangular tables, with a cushion if necessary. The arrangement of the seats is variable and can be from 1 to 4 seats around the table. This arrangement gives the meeting or performance the feeling of a 1920’s club with possibly accompanying candles and glasses of wine on the table.



Maximum of 75 guests U vorm opstelling

In this arrangement, the tables are arranged in a U-shape and the chairs are positioned behind it with a separate table for the chairman. The U-shaped arrangement is characterized by the chairs behind the tables and the tables next to each other in a row.