Catering at Michelin niveau

The kitchen is the beating heart of our event location. Located in the catacombs, we’re happy to offer you such an unique feature. From here our Michelin chef: Dennis Huwaë and his team provide a fantastic breakfast, lunch and (signature) dinner. An empire owns this top team!

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A great asset!

Our Chef: Dennis Huwaë

The culinary inspirator and chef of TOBACCO is Dennis Huwaë. Dennis lead kitchens with 2 Michelin **. “There he developed his flawless feeling for the very best gastronomy,” says GaultMillau, who proclaimed him ‘Talented Chef of the Year’. In 2020 Huwaë joined ‘Les Patrons Cuisiniers’ and was again nominated for ‘The Best Chef Awards’. Dennis Huwaë is owner and chef of Restaurant Daalder and the driving force behind the kitchen team of TOBACCO. We are proud of our absolute top chef!

In March 2021, our Chef Dennis Huwaë’s restaurant Daalder received a Michelin star. TOBACCO Amsterdam is the first event location with a Michelin chef.

For Huwaë, creating a dish is a quest for the perfect combination of ingredients. He works with the ingredients and lets them strengthen and complement each other. He draws his inspiration from ‘street food’ from all over the world. The base for Huwaë lies in classical techniques. He translates those techniques in his head into his own signature. TOBACCO is incredibly lucky with top chef with Dennis Huwaë.

He goes so far to strive for perfection in the creation of a new dish that he – in his own words – searches for ‘the inner beauty’ of each ingredient. This is how he brings out the best of each ingredient.

“Let nature do it’s work. Choose beautiful products and treat them with love and respect. In the end it’s all about love for the product and the time you put into creating your dishes ”- Dennis Huwaë.

Earlier we welcomed top chefs at TOBACCO from Spain, France, but also Ron Blaauw, Herman den Blijker and Robert Kranenborg. Kranenborg complimented us on Dennis Huwaë, the absolute top. “That suits your beautiful and fresh company, completely contemporary!” said Kranenborg.

Chef Huwaë will always leave his mark on his dishes. Also when it comes to a simple lunch or a simple dinner. A sandwich or Caesar salad from Huwaë will undeniably carry his signature. The ‘real work’ of our top chef can of course be found in his sophisticated signature menu as he also serves at Daalder. In it you recognize the hand of a real master.

At TOBACCOyou can now also choose a signature breakfast, lunch or dinner from top chef Dennis Huwaë.

Dinner / Walking Dinner / Foodstations

Maximum of 240 guests for a sit-down dinnerDiner opstelling

In our dinner setup we often use round tables. Of course a rectangular table arrangement is also possible. Starting from the round tables, we generally assume an arrangement of 8 to 10 chairs around the table.

From an intimate dinner for 10 people to a sit-down dinner for a maximum of 240 people. In addition, a walking dinner or food stations for up to 600 guests are also an option, we provide an unforgettable culinary masterpiece.

Your own catering

If you want to use your own caterer or if you want to introduce your customer to our theater as a caterer, that is possible. View the specifications of our catering kitchen in the drop-down menu below.

Previously, we received top chefs from Belgium, France and Spain at TOBACCO, but Dutch top chefs such as Ron Blaauw, Herman den Blijker and Robert Kranenborg were also guests in TOBACCO.

Curious about the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our catering kitchen

Present in our kitchen with large outlets and a lift to the Grand Theatre Hall:

  • 4 burner gas stove
  • Two induction plates
  • 2x Metos combi steamer
  • 5 mobile stainless steel workbenches
  • Double electric fryer 8L each
  • 3x double shelf trolley 17/1
  • Various small kitchen equipment
  • 5x stainless steel gastronorm 1/1 deep trays
  • 5x stainless steel gastronorm flat plates
  • Crockery, cutlery, glassware
  • Electric plate warmer (capacity 300 large plates 30cm diameter)
  • Spacious cold store
  • 4 large freezers
  • 1 Big Green Egg
  • Fully equipped rinsing kitchen

Furthermore, the kitchen has a very large number of square meters of space, direct lift connection and a short staircase to the Grand Theatre Hall. In addition on the ground floor, next to the theater bar, there is a small kitchen (for small snacks, for example).

For more information feel free to contact us.


Catering Outside tobacco

We also use our professional kitchen for events outside of our theater walls. We have created our own club for this. Under the leadership of former commercial director of TOBACCO, Frank Hekelaar, we organize culinary concepts and events under the name of “De Artiesten”.

We also create a combination of culinary craftsmanship and a theatrical interpretation outside TOBACCO! More info: Visit the website of De Artiesten or contact and ask us about the possibilities.

Events Outside TOBACCO

For the events that we organize outside the gates of TOBACCO, we were able to enter into an exclusive partnership with UB-Events from Amsterdam.

An experienced, creative, quirky and very original group of professionals who have been at the top of the Netherlands for years with their knowledge of locations, entertainment and organization. Visit the website of UB-Events or contact and ask us about the possibilities.