In addition to our own top crew, we also have professional partners. These are companies with whom we have often worked for more than 15 years and therefore know exactly what we can expect from each other and what can be expected from us and our guests. Thanks to these short lines of communication, collaboration is a true celebration. We would like to introduce them to you.


A historic TOBACCO auction building naturally also requires extra attention and know-how in the field of light, sound and image. 

From illumination of the stage to warm candlelight at dinners and from concerts to earphones for the chairmen. We work closely with our technical partners to create a unique and unforgettable experience. We are happy to work with you from idea to final product and, where possible, take your event to an even higher level.

TOBACCO has a wide range of in-house technology and we also work with highly professional parties and are happy to provide you with additional technology and the latest creative gadgets. Our all-round house technician, together with his colleagues from Backstage Productions, takes care of the technology for your event from A to Z.


Outsourcing the coordination, administration and / or production of an event to TOBACCO in order to maintain the focus on the organization and content of your event … a safe idea!

We combine surprising ideas with new technologies to create an authentic possible experience. A product introduction, media event, anniversary, theater dinner or festive event: these are all products that require a professional hand. A distinctive concept and perfect execution contribute to the reputation of your organization and at the same time to our name. We would of course like to see that.

Our people have an eye and ear for both the wishes of you as a client and the expectations of your guests. You know what you want, our people know what works.


TOBACCO has two fully equipped hybrid livestream studios plus eight styling studios. We work together with the professionals of Livestream Studios Amsterdam. From TOBACCO we have been providing professional live streams and worldwide broadcasting for years.

Please feel free to ask about our partners and possibilities. We are happy to assist you in facilitating your professional event.


Visitors to TOBACCO can use free wireless internet in all halls. Using the TOBACCO Free WIFI is simple, all you have to do is select the network ‘TOBACCO Theater’. You will receive the password from us and you can get started! Prefer your own branded WiFi? That is also possible, feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

WiFi is possible for up to 500 people, depending on use and applications.


See here how TOBACCO can be converted into one big branding message during a business event. View the options available at our location:

Click on the second symbol to use the tool properly.


Whichever space you choose, our creative specialists know how to translate your specific wishes like no other into color, scent, image, sound and decoration for every event. Surprising and with a creative quip and of course with a decoration that matches your appearance, corporate identity or the theme of your event. We always work with a great sense of atmosphere and the total concept and with a keen eye for the smallest detail.


For years we have had a permanent and above all proud club with employees. An experienced team who knows what our guests can expect from us. It may be the greatest key to our success, but especially that of your event! Friendliness, speed and helpfulness are keywords that are very important to our staff. Professional employees with their heart at the TOBACCO for years.

Last year we were able to put a 9.4 somewhere in between! Check out the reviews.

Are you interested in being part of our great team? Mail to: info@tobacco.nl  Or take a look at our various vacancies.