Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is the small room on the first floor that seems to have run straight out of the 1960’s.
It is perhaps TOBACCO’s greatest secret. A retreat place with many silver and retro elements with a single round table and three nice chairs around it. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.
A space that is in direct contact with the entrance to the Balcony and Lodge of and the Grand Theatre Hall.

View the impressions of the Boiler Room here or view the various options per setup in the menu below. Another interpretation is also possible. We would like to be surprised by you!


Theater Set-Up

Maximum of 9 guests Theateropstelling

In a theater set-up, the seats are placed in straight rows, without tables. This means that all guests have an equal view of the stage and the occupancy of the room is optimally used.



Maximum of 8 guests

The boardroom set-up uses a long table with chairs on all sides. Ideal for board meetings and management meetings. The size of the table can of course be adjusted to the size of the company for the boardroom meeting.


Party / Reception / Walking Dinner

Maximum of 10 guests

A free setup without many restrictions. You can come and go wherever you want and if desired, we can organize a number of seating areas and standing tables to place glasses and plates.