We’re proud to say we’re the first theater that combines commercial activities with cultural events, starting in 2011 in the Nes. It was a tough fight which took 3 years, but in the end the Amsterdam city council agreed to our commercial plan. As an entrepreneur, you might recognise these struggles! Culture and business enhance and strengthen each other at TOBACCO.

For the past few years we’ve welcomed some amazing and international guests and hosted some very special performances and festivals. Mayor Van der Laan, Eric Vaarzon Morel, Andre Kuipers, Jan Jaap van der Wal, DansPaleis van Kooten, Shirma’s Soul Kitchen, Nuit Blanche Festival, Just Dance, Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdams Cabaret Festival, LULverhalen, Bring Your Own Beamer, those are just a few of the many activities we’ve hosted this past year.

Some of our commercial guests who combined business with culture: Calvin Klein, Walt Disney, Microsoft, YSL, the Amsterdam local government, Ernst&Young, NOS, Corio. Hotel l’Europe, and more.

We’re very proud to see business and more commercial ventures combined and working together with cultural events. it’s a great combination!