Cultural Events

We are a non-subsidised theatre and thus pay for our cultural events out of our own pocket. We make our money with commercial activities such as seminars, meetings and conferences.

As an organisation or company you can choose for a business like environment. However, you can also say “We want to be inspired by the environment in which we organise our event. We want to feel the applause and smell the sweat of the performers that have stood on this stage.” Because that is TOBACCO Theater. A venue with 10 different, inspiring spaces and an amazing kitchen crew led by Patron de Cuisine Dennis Huwaë.

Culture costs money. We don’t care about that. We love performances and we want to treat Amsterdam to one of a kind performances that cannot be seen or experienced in other places. That is what makes us proud. We have had the chance to create many amazing performances over the past years. Giving young, up and coming artists a chance. That is one of our biggest passions.

The artist’s dream becomes a reality, without it costing a fortune. Many music and art lovers have been able to achieve their dreams this way. Performing in the most well-known cultural street in Amsterdam. A performance that would not have been possible in the cultural theatre world. That is how we, being a non-subsidised theatre, support culture. (And that is what makes us focussed and flexible for our commercial clients).

We are always looking for creative talent. Art, fashion, music, theatre…. Name it all! So if you have a tip for a special performance that deserved a large stage? Please contact our cultural programmer Erik van Wilsum – Click here to see all the previous performers on our Wall of Fame.