The thing is that TOBACCO Theater is not an event location. TOBACCO Theater is a theatre location which can be used as an event location, space or venue; however you wish to name it.

TOBACCO has two agendas; the cultural shows and the commercial events. The cultural shows and events always take priority over the commercial events.

Living in a beautiful city as Amsterdam we are aware of the responsibility to give something back to the city. You can name us an event location or venue as long as you see us as a location where events are a combination between cultural activities and commercial events.

We always want to make clear that the commercial events are the base of the cultural shows. Thanks to their bookings we can profile TOBACCO on the cultural event map of Amsterdam. TOBACCO is very much appreciated as a theatre by the commercial visitors and as an event location by the cultural visitors.

We want to invite you to our red carpet and see how we can surprise you.

You are more than welcome!