Our Foundation


Our mission is to give young talented artists a larger audience. This can be in the shape of theater, photography, fashion, art and media. We want it to be as broad as possible. This makes our search more exciting and gives more unexpected art a chance to be shown to the public.

For this goal we want our entire theater, staff and technical facilities to be availlable for free. This way the lucky people that get this chance can display themselves pontifically in the spotlight. In the past few years we have given some young people a push, a larger audience and a good experience. And we’re very proud of that! Examples of this are director Stein Jansen and his show ‘‘De Minnar”, photograhper Richard Terborg with is expostion ‘‘Freak Out”and designer Nathaly Pater with her fashion show.

For more info ask for Erik van Wilsum. He’d love to tell you more! 


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